We are an ELCA congregation and belong to the Rocky Mountain Synod. Check them out at www.rmselca.org or the Evangelical Church of America at www.elca.org

Pastor Penni Walsh
Intentional Interim Pastor

“Hi, I’m Pastor Penni Walsh and I’m excited about working with you for the next several months as your Intentional Interim Pastor.  And that long title tells you something about me. First, my work as an interim is Intentional, I chose to move from a regular call to interim work because I felt called to this work.  It is different, I am here to help you move through a transition and transitions are special times where the work of the Holy Spirit moves a community from its past into the new future that God is calling it into.  And I love this luminal time, it is so fully of promise and excitement.  The next word is important too, Interim, I will only be here for a time.  Long enough for you to be ready for your next pastor but then it’s my time to move on and I will.  And finally but certainly not least, I will be your Pastor in times of joy and sorrow.  I will lead you in worship and study, manage the books as needed and plunge toilets when necessary.
Just a few nuts and bolts:

  • I was born in Estes Park and have lived most of my life in Colorado
  • I grew up Boulder in the 1960’s-70’s
  • I am a widow and I had two children, my son died in 2010, my daughter lives in Aurora with 3 cats, her husband died last year.
  • My sort of daughter in law and her two cats live with me, I’ll explain that later
  • I love dogs and recently lost my 13 year old Golden, a new dog will be on the horizon
  • I don’t like sweets and that includes chocolate, I know it’s weird

I very much look forward to the days ahead, in Peace, Pr Penni”