PJ 2Our Pastor
Pastor John joined All Saints in 1996. He’s a native of Hays, Kansas where he graduated from Fort Hays College with a BS degree in economics and psychology. Pastor John, affectionately known as PJ, spent 12 years as a staff psychologist and consultant before entering Wartburg Seminary. You’ll find his sermons grounded in scripture and laced with personal experience, humor and always the message of God’s love and grace for all. Pastor John enjoys a stimulating discussion on the latest political faux pas or a tidbit of historical theology over a cup of coffee.

Worship & Music
ChoirYou’ll experience a wide variety of worship styles at All Saints – from the traditional to the contemporary. We celebrate communion at every service which everyone is invited to share. We’re a liturgical church, meaning major ingredients of our worship have been handed down from the earliest years of the Christian church. You’ll sing, pray the “Our Father”, recite a statement of beliefs, connect with fellow believers and have your faith stimulated by a challenging sermon.

Music is an essential part of worship here. Music at All Saints fills the senses with inspirational sounds and leaves you feeling uplifted and energized! To listen to past worship services, click here. All Saints has a tradition of excellent choral music for worship. Our choir rehearses weekly and sings at worship services during the school year. Comprised of high-school-age and up singers, the choir offers various genres of music, from contemporary to classical. Everyone who has a love for worship music is invited to be part of the choir which is directed by John Richard, vocal music director at Aurora’s Gateway High School. You’ll experience excellent instrumental music as well: organ, piano, keyboard, guitar, trumpet and flute. Our children present a Christmas musical during Sunday worship prior to Christmas. They also sing for worship throughout the school year. To find out more about All Saints music, click here.

We would like to thank and honor one of our administrators who just retired: Charlie Sprinkle has been at All Saints for 21 years, and he has brought sunshine, a helping hand, and many a smile over here. Our administrator Kate has worked alongside Charlie and will be the friendly face you meet when you visit All Saints during the week!


Our Charlie…

Tumbleweeds blow and roll,

In the west Texas wind.

And several years ago,

Colorado received a brand new friend.

He talked with a twang,

And people laughed all along.

No matter the time of year,

He was singing Christmas songs.

He found this little church,

Which needed his help in every way.

And members got very used to hearing,

Charlie’s greeting of Happy Birthday!

Beef jerky and dove chocolates,

Are all food that makes him smile.

He likes his food spicy, spicy, spicy.

He eats pork rinds every once in a while.

He’s a man that never stops,

And certainly loves destruction.

He is always the first with a hammer,

In jumping in when there’s construction.

Not a child comes to church,

That Charlie doesn’t stop and say hi.

And not a member leaves the service,

Without a smile and a goodbye.

When you think of All Saints,

You think of Charlie, too.

There’s not a place in the church,

He hasn’t helped it through.

So with a heavy heart,

And big ole goodbye.

We let our Charlie go,

And we’ll wipe our tears as we cry.

But as the door closes,

And a new chapter begins.

We are thankful to God,

To call you our friend.

By Tanya Scott

October 25, 2016

— To Charlie Sprinkle