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We all have God-given gifts (talents, interests) and here at All Saints we have ample opportunity to share those gifts with others.

Our Roots

All Saints Lutheran Church is a parish of the Evangelical Lutheran Churches in America.  This congregation was first organized when East Aurora was just fields and prairie dogs. Arno Martin, our first pastor, served until 1984.  The first building on site (our present friendship hall) was completed in June 1979. A second worship service was added in 1984 after Joseph Holub was called as our second pastor.  He served until 1988 when Matt Bersagel and Joyce Dennison were called as pastors. They served until 1995. In 1996 several families of this congregation accepted the challenge to help start a new Lutheran congregation in Southeast Aurora.  This new congregation (Lord of the Hills) is now a thriving congregation. Pastor John Petty was called as pastor in 1996 and after 23 years he retired December 2019.

All Saints supports Habitat for Humanity and we are a Stephen Ministry congregation.  Martha’s table and the Shepherding team help provide meals and visitation to our Church Family.  We also support several scout groups, and provide meeting space for a variety of self help groups like: CODA, Al-Anon, CEA, FA, WINGS, a Grief Group, Boy Scout Troop 839, CPR, ESL, an Embroidery group, two TOPS Chapters.  In addition, we have active youth, music and adult programs. But our strongest suit is doing things to help those in need!

By now you have discovered that we are a liturgical church.  Liturgy is the prayers, songs, and other sung responses that are used during the worship service.  Using a liturgy helps us keep in touch with Christ’s church across the ages. All of the ingredients found in our services can be traced to the earliest worship experiences of the Christian church.  If you get lost during a service, please feel free to ask for help from someone sitting near you.

Worship & Music
Council Rep – Patti Mather
Council Rep – Keith Schultz
Committee Chair – Rebecca Weiner
Committee Chair
Youth Ministry
High School – Tanya Scott
Outreach Ministry
Committee Chair – Rebecca Weiner
Sunday School
Council Rep – Val Sandlian
Life Ceremonies
Pastor’s Classes
Men’s Ministry
Giff Gardner
Women’s Ministry
Faith Diva’s – Tanya Scott
Council Rep – Johnson Sunder Singh
& Patti Mather
Shepherding Ministry
Ingrid Waggoner
PR & Marketing
Coordinator Sabina Thoreau
Rosie Jacobs
Seasonal Outreach
Habitat for Humanity
JoAnn beckman
Aurora Interfaith Community
Rebecca & Office
Rocky Mountain Synod
Tot Spot
Church Facilities Use
Soren & Sabina Thoreau
Food Pantry
Ardell Zeiler

If you don’t see an area to use your special gifts-ask-maybe we need to add something more.