Update September 15, 2020: Exciting News!  The Call Committee has received word from the RMSELCA that we will receive names of four candidates on Friday, October 2nd.  We will meet the next week and begin reviewing candidates to determine who we want to interview.We ask that you would continue prayers for  the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we prepare for the interview  processes.

We also ask that  you read BECOMING ALL SAINTS which is being prepared, reviewed and published by members of the Transition Committee.  These educational readings and prayer will help us to develop as a congregation to be open to change and prepare us for our future.   You can find them on the blog by clicking HERE.

July 1, 2020: The Transition team has completed their report and the Call Committee has been formed and approved by council. Brenda Shepard will be heading up this committee. Below is the link to the MSP for our congregation that was submitted to the ELCA.