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Please keep these requests in your thoughts and prayers this week!
– List updated from 4/12 bulletin –
Sympathy for the family of 
Calvin Keil, Kathy Norris father 3/19
Dave Schutz, cousin to Ardel
For protection of those in the military: Joshua & Nathan Willey, Andy Bissell, Julius Garcia, Molly Bloom, Joe Galvin, Josh Bernthal, Andrew Locke, Bryan Florio, Timothy Qualls, Curtis Saito,  Matthew McLaughlin, Tim Murray, Jeff Wyatt, Vanessa Espinoza, Brandon Ulmer, Seth Vickery, Matthew Stark, Tara LePore, Sandra Burleson, Nick Balk, Ricky Temple, Jessica Yanzik, Kendra & Dylan Asmar, Sabin Gammel, Thad Wilson, Doug Pearce, Chadd Jackson, Wally Irvine, David Jaeger, Chris Basford and Peter Doty.
Prayer & Devotional Monday-ThursdayJoin us today and Monday thru Thursday for a devotional and prayer time lead by Pastor Penni using our zoom online conference.

It’s easy to use from your ipad, smart phone, laptop or computer
– At 7:25pm click on this link: https://zoom.us/j/828036915
– Say yes to add audio & video
– Now sit back and enjoy spending time with Pastor Penni and others you haven’t seen in a while.

We look forward to seeing you today at 7:30pm!

By the way we changed the time from 5:30 to 7:30 so that families could join us and use this as their before bed time routine!
April 10th Prayer Requests